Genomic Micro AX Bacteria + Gravity / 100 isolations

Genomic Micro AX Bacteria + Gravity / 100 isolations

Genomic Micro AX Tissue Gravity

especially dedicated to the Gram-positive bacteria


New!!! Columns kit does not require the use of centrifuges. The whole process of DNA isolation from bacteria under the influence of gravity. Especially recommended for a person who collection samples outside the laboratory.





 100 isolations


 ion exchange membrane

 Binding capacity

 up to  20 µg DNA



 Sample volume

 up to 500 µl overnight bacterial culture 

 Elution solution

 low salt and high pH buffer/120 µl


 cloning, PCR


Thanks to addition of Mutanolysin and Lysozyme kit offers very efficient cell lysis of particularly resistant to lysis bacteria. Including but not limited to: Streptococcus, Lacobacillus, Lactococcus, Listeria.

Isolation of genomic DNA by using Gravity technology






We recommend Gravity Flow rack

For more information about the unique ion exchange membrane please click here


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