Mutanolysin recombinant

Recombinant enzyme obtained in bacterial expression system.

Recombinant mutanolysin effectively digests cell wall of particularly resistant to lysis bacteria.
Including but not limited to Streptococcus, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus and Listeria.

- Mild conditions formation of spheroplasts of gram-positive bacteria
- Enzymatic cell lysis in DNA and RNA isolation process
- Effective lysis of gram-positive bacteria in environmental studies and DNA-based microbial detection

Form: Solution
Concetration: 10 U/µl
Quantity: 5000 U or 10 000 U
Store at: -20 °C

Mutanolysin is also available as a part of our dedicated kits for genomic DNA isolation:
Genomic Mini AX Bacteria+ SPIN (cat. #060-100MS)
Genomic Mini AX Bacteria+ (cat. #060-60M)

Recombinant mutanolysin and lysozyme synergism
For some hard-to-lyse microorganisms the application of mutanolysin and lysozyme mixture may drastically increase the DNA/RNA yield.


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